Efficiency Made Easy!

ASK Efficiency, lowering your utility bills and making your home more comfortable.

Energy Audits:

Our primary activity is performing energy audits for home owners. An Energy Audit gives you the road map for energy (and money) savings. The lowest utility bills at the lowest investment means we look at the home as a whole. For example, adding insulation to a ceiling without addressing infiltration is often a waste of money. So can spending money to replace windows, when you have much larger culprits in the home. Every home is unique, as is every homeowner; it is our job to work with you to determine your wants and needs for your home. Our solutions are not limited by what we provide, only to what is necessary to fit your wants and needs. We have the experience and training to ensure you get the best result.


ASK Efficiency provides basic Retrofit services to make your home more efficient. If the work is outside of our scope, we can provide you with contractors to get the job done or work with your contractors.

Ratings and Compliance Testing:

We offer ratings (HES and HERS) that give you a score and model that project your energy usage and compare to other homes. These scores can be included in real estate MLS listings and used to qualify for Energy Efficient mortgages. Compliance testing (DET) for residential is mostly for new construction and major remodels, we test duct leakage and whole house leakage against code requirements.


  • Residential – code compliance inspections and guidance for contractors or DIY for energy efficient building methods
  • Commercial – energy auditing and solutions generation
  • Industrial – Energy modelling, Energy auditing, Efficiency standards, Product selection and Process efficiency. Experience with Boilers (Coal, Waste, Liquor, Gas and Oil), Turbine Generators, Direct and Indirect Heat Recovery, Cooling Towers and major process equipment designs.

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