Fan of the Fan!

Are you a fan of fans? Fans are a great way to feel cooler in the Summer. Do you have good functioning fans in the areas of your home that you spend most of your time? A few things to think about when buying or using fans.

When buying fans, you should consider fans that move at least 85 cfm/watt on high speed. That is they move 85 cubic feet of air for every watt they consume. Most fan makers now post their Energy Information on the box.

Also, make sure you are buying the right size fan for your room. The slower you can run your fan the more efficient it operates. In other words a large fan running slow will use less power then a small fan running fast assuming all other variables the same. Typically a fan runs twice as efficient on low than it runs on high. Just like in your car; the higher the speed, the worse the mileage.

Picking a fan that is Energy Star rated is good too, Energy Star requires at least 75 cfm/watt on high. But, only relying on Energy Star ratings may limit your selections as many fan makers still ship fans with incandescent bulbs.

Ceiling fans save money because they are very efficient at moving air. Air moving across our skin allows for evaporation of the moisture on our skin causing a cooling effect. Though they are very efficient at moving air, it costs you money if you are not in the same room as the fan. Make sure you turn off fans when you are not in the same room as them.

New ceiling fans can be much more efficient than older models, but I wouldn’t recommend changing them just for the efficiency. If the old one is failing, making noises, or just plain ugly its a great time to replace and enjoy the benefits of improved comfort and lower bills.

When you install (or have installed), make sure you have proper junction box support for safety, a fully sealed junction box and make sure to use LEDs in light fixtures.  Be a fan of the Fan!

Written by askefficiency

Owner / Operator of ASK Efficiency, LLC.