Would You consider an Energy Efficient Upgrade to Your Home?

The most common reason for an Energy Efficient Upgrade to a Home is “To Save Money.” But, the bigger question is why aren’t you doing an Energy Efficient Upgrade? Think it is too much money up front? Would rather spend money on something for aesthetics, like a new kitchen or bath?

From American Council on Energy-Efficient Economy:

Why Do Households Invest in Energy Efficiency?

Households have multiple reasons for making efficiency investments. When asked to rank the top three reasons to “participate in energy conservation activities or buy an energy-efficient product/make home improvements,” saving money was most important, followed by comfort and health:

To save money 61%
To make my home more comfortable 35%
To make my home healthier 27%
To be responsible and not waste 26%
To get more control over personal energy consumption 25%
To protect our environment 23%
To make my home more valuable for resale 20%
To have a high-quality home 19%
To have a higher-performance home 17%
To preserve the quality of life for future generations 15%
To be a good citizen 11%
To protect our nation’s economy and reduce our dependence on other countries 9%
To be a good example 9%
To keep up with my neighbors 4%

Financial concerns are both a benefit of and barrier to upgrading. Energy Efficient upgrades typically do cost money, and they are not always as cool as a new iPhone, but Energy Efficient Upgrades help you save money and provide many other benefits. Even if you would rather spend your home upgrades on more aesthetic items, think energy efficiency to create value in those upgrades:

  • Refresh of house > how about LED lights
  • Paint a room > caulk around doors, windows, and electrical boxes to air seal
  • Kitchen Update > Energy Star appliances, install proper venting
  • Bathroom Update > WaterSense fixtures, upgrade exhaust fans
  • Landscaping > trees to provide shade, plants away from A/C Condensers
  • Building a House > hire a 3rd party compliance inspector, like a HERS Rater

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Written by askefficiency

Owner / Operator of ASK Efficiency, LLC.