ASK Efficiency is dedicated to improving the efficiency and lower the cost of operations for residential to industrial properties. ASK Efficiency is owned and operated by Sebastien “Skip” Kidd. He has two passions in business; one, learn something every day, two, make something better every day. “I’ve always felt there is something to learn from everyone we meet and every situation we experience. To make things better I look to make places and operations as efficient as possible. Wasted resources is the worst type of inefficiency, these are resources you are paying for yet receiving no value.”

Our primary activity is performing energy audits for home owners. An energy audit gives you the road map for energy (and money) savings. In addition to audits, we offer ratings, compliance testing and the services to make your home more efficient.



1900 Corporate Dr. # 380153

Birmingham, AL 35242


20+ years in industrial environments focusing on operational and energy efficiency and energy generation, with roles from Engineer to Plant Manager. Three years of Residential property management and restoration specializing in historic homes being brought up to date with modern, efficient amenities. Most recently, bringing homes to their full potential, from new construction to 50+ year old homes.


Education: Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech specializing in Fluid and Thermal Dynamics.


State of Alabama – Duct Air Tightness Technician

Home Builders Association of Alabama – Qualified Credentialed Air Tightness Verifier

Board of Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Contracotrs – Registered DATT Contractor – AL # 600161


Certified Professional SM RGB h


Rated & Reviewed HomeAdvisor Pro