Energy Tips

Over time we’ll collect and build a detailed list of the best ways to Save Energy and in turn Save Money on your Utility Bills. Stay tuned as we build out this series of Energy Tips.

Some of the Top ideas:

    • Energy Star Appliances
    • LED Lights
    • When to use your appliances, does it exhaust air when it runs? Then that air is being replaced with outside air.
    • Seal your home, start between the attic and house
    • Insulate to latest Energy Codes
    • Radiant Barrier in your attic
    • Seal your duct work
    • Attic Knee Walls, the bane of comfort and energy usage
    • Use window treatments, shrubbery and trees to your benefit
    • Maintain major mechanical equipment and appliances; Hot Water Heaters, Air Conditioners, Heaters, Refrigerators, etc… these items typically combine for nearly 75% of your energy.
    • Every job at the house should consider Energy Efficiency. When better to seal behind cabinets in the kitchen than when you are replacing them. Can’t decide between two shades of paint or shingles, get the one with a higher LRV (Light Reflectance Value).
    • Understand the impact of the fixtures in your home. Recessed cans are visually great, but most have been installed with no regard to energy efficiency.
    • Have a pool? Get a variable speed pump
    • The most obvious…hire a 3rd party Energy Auditor to determine the biggest impact for savings and comfort! An Energy Auditor should not only give you the test results, but provide the why, what, when and where of how to make it happen.
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Some more ideas on how to save energy at home.

10 Steps to Energy Efficient Living from WxTV on Vimeo.

Produced at the Montana Weatherization Training Center copyright 2011. Montana State University