Energy Audits per BPI Standard

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Comprehensive energy audit, including testing of combustion appliances, blower door, thermal imaging, utility bill analysis and much more. Each audit will have a list of jobs to improve your property.




Home Energy Score (HES) – DOE

HEScore_webbanner_sqlg_FINALThe Home Energy Score will give you a 1 to 10 score like a MPG for your home. It creates a great way to compare homes and gives payback and score for proposed projects.

Home Energy Scores are typically done with an Energy Audit, it also allows for special financing for projects from the HES. 2 year, 1% for up to $15,000 for qualified borrowers.


Duct and Envelope Testing (DET)
BURK3125Whether you are building a home and you need a DET test for inspection or modifying a home or HVAC system. DET testing will tell you how much your duct system and home leaks.

The typical home has a duct leakage of 25%! That means 25% of the capacity of your heating and cooling system is being lost to places like your garage, attic, basement or just outdoors.

Knowing how much air your home leaks has two main benefits. First the number one issue for the loss of heated or cooled air is leakage, not insulation. The second to ensure proper air exchanges to maintain good air quality.

Home Energy Rating System (HERS)

HERS_Index_Scale_Vertical_RGB_Web_UseHERS ratings provide a score of 0 to 200, a 0 is a net-zero home, a 100 matches the reference (i.e. built to 2006 energy code) and a 200 is just awful. In addition it will provide detailed energy modelling of the home.

HERS testing can even be done before a home is built to help make decisions to determine the most energy efficient may to build the home.




Energy Retrofit Services

We provide basic services directly to our customers: weatherstripping, sealing, insulation, light bulbs, fixtures, etc. Basically handyman services.

For larger jobs; we would be happy to work with your contractors or recommend a contractor we have already vetted for understanding energy efficiency.







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