Retrofit & Handyman Services

We offer basic handyman level services; not because of our capability, but that bigger jobs require bigger crews and our focus is Energy Efficiency.

Examples of services offered:

  • Foam Sealinggeneral services3
  • Insulation
  • Caulking
  • Painting
  • Light Fixtures
  • Light Bulbs
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Hot Water Tank Flush
  • Weatherstripping
  • Storm Windows or Doors
  • Deck and Siding Repair
  • Appliance Repair
  • Cabinet modifications
  • Smart Device interface / install
  • Audio/Video interface / install
  • General repairs and installations


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Some Examples of our Work:

Walnut Doors – Looking rough and heating the house!

Doors restored to natural Walnut color and gloss finish.

Client’s beautiful Walnut doors’ finish had started to peel off, plus because of the matte finish and dark color the inside commonly got to 100 F during Summer afternoons. This was also causing the wood to split. We removed the doors, built a temporary enclosure, striped, sanded, conditioned and put six coats of varnish on the exterior. Now they look great again and under same conditions the doors are only 80 F on the inside.

Mudroom Cabinets:

This was a design and build. Also took the opportunity to resolve insulation and sealing issues in the wall to the right. See, now the dog love’s that spot!

Dart Board – Outdoor Entertainment:

Dart Board backing
Client wanted something to improve his patio entertaining. Cedar with dart board inset.

Sound Proof Basement:

Sound Proof Door
Client wanted option to keep basement connected with the rest of home or not hear it at all. Solution exterior double french doors. When open the basement feels like it is part of the rest of the house, when closed you don’t even know nine teenagers are down there!

Water Heater Insulation and Flush:

Water Heater
Performed a flush and insulated this water heater. Typically this combination has a 1 to 2 year payback. Looks good too, notice copies of all instructions hanging below. They’ve all been covered by the insulation otherwise.

Bathroom Moisture Issues:

Sealed fan to ceiling and installed upgraded fan for more volume with less noise.
Moisture Sensor switch with timer for exhaust fan, it turns on and stays on until humidity is back to normal.

Exhaust fan was pulling attic air instead of room air because of all of the openings to the attic. With the automatic humidity switch it stays on as long as it is needed. Or turns on if you forget.

Door Air Leakage Repair:

Door Seal
Air leakage between home and hot garage. Repaired damaged seal, added corner seals and matched door frame and door vertically.
Bottom Door Seal
Bottom door seals are a wear item, as they wear out and need to be replace periodically. installed a new seal on this older custom door.

Attic Penetrations:

foam sealed attic ceiling plane
Client was still not comfortable after they installed additional blown-in insulation themselves. We pulled it back and discovered many spots that needed to be sealed first. Now the insulation works like it should.

Bathroom Installs:

Bathroom Install
Design and build. 18″ Travertine at a 45 with a gloss finish for the floor, subway tile shower and installed vanity and fixtures.

Basement Garage Entertainment:

Garage TV
Client wanted to watch TV while working on toys. Installed HDMI splitter, cables and repeater to use inside cable box for garage TV. Also installed mount and hung TV. Perfect picture with a British Racing Green Jag on TV while working on a British Racing Green Triumph!

Safety First:

Hand Rail
Client needed hand rail extended to the bottom of the steps. Added matching newel post and handrail.

Just Because I Can!

Golf Cart Dozer
My leaf pile was getting too big and SOMETHING had to be done! Seems like building a Golf Cart Dozer was the most obvious solution.

Attic Wall and Door Insulation:

Attic Door
Clients’ attic access from bathroom made conditions awful inside. It was just a standard interior door and all of insulation around was exposed. Now the space feels great inside.

What makes changing a light fixture Energy Efficiency?

Client was complaining that light fixture was rusting. We find this often, a poorly installed junction box, notice the gap between the drywall and box? We correct the issues and seal the box properly. No more hot humid air being pulled thru the fixture and causing rust. Also improved the home’s efficiency! And, yes of course we went back with LEDs as well.

Because some jobs ought to be Fun!

Client needed help assembling a used playset. So no instructions, just a few pictures. Kids love it.

Why not, we’re here!

Cabinet and Appliance Installs
Client had us air seal kitchen before finishing and then hired us to assist his install of cabinets, hardware and appliances.