“I highly recommend them on time very professional.”

We installed foam board backing on the backside of attic knee walls and sealed and insulated all doors and hatches making a huge impact on comfort and power bills. Room became immediately comfortable and power bills dropped $100+ per month.

Additionally corrected insulation over cathedral ceilings within reach and installed radiant barrier under the roof deck in any areas worked. Also, changed out 75% of bulbs to LED and upgraded all bathroom exhaust fans.

“ASK Efficiency did a great job for us. They updated most of our lighting to LEDs saving over $1,000 per year of electrical and maintenance costs.”

Some of the jobs completed:


Replaced six street lamps from 150 watt bulbs and 30 watt transformers with 90 watt LED bulbs, cutting the power consumption in half. We were also able to increase the light to the ground by 50% and with no upward light thanks to the directional nature of LEDs.

Replaced five ambiance lights from 250 watt bulbs with 50 watt transformers with 40 watt LED bulbs. Saving 360 watts per bulb and making it brighter due to the one directional style of the LED bulbs used.


Replaced a number of T-8 bulbs and fixtures that kept failing with dedicated LED strip lights and motion sensor switches. Each fixture’s wattage dropped in half, plus no longer finding the lights on for days at a time.

Replaced a number of 4-pin fluorescent bulbs with LEDs at nearly half the watts.

In addition we updated timers, switches and other miscellaneous items while we were there.IMG_20170408_193257

“The energy audit provided by Skip at ASK Efficiency definitely saved me money on my utilities. I have only implements a portion of his corrective actions and already see a savings. The energy audit certainly is a good value with a quick return on investment.”